What Your White Hat SEO Services Should Do for Your Home Page

White Hat SEO

Your home page is often the first encounter your customers have with your web site. It’s also where many of your links will be sent to. That’s why you need to use white hat seo services that will make a masterpiece out of your home page. After all, you get one chance to make a good impression on your potential customers. That’s why you need to serve up what they need so they give you a call. Here’s what you need your seo agency to do for your homepage.

SEO Optimized Images

Your homepage needs seo optimized images. In fact, for every 500 words of content on you page you need at least 3 images. These images should match up to the service or product you offer exactly. Don’t consider putting up general images that could be on anyone’s website. Your images should highlight what they want from you. Make sure that the title, description, and alt tag are filled out with your keywords. If that’s left out, then your optimization is only half done and you just have images that look good, but don’t improve your seo efforts.

SEO Optimized Content

You need to make sure the content reads well and is optimized for the search engines. This means that your keyword and variations of your keyword are sprinkled throughout the page. You should also see your keyword on the headings on your page. This is essential, because you need your content to speak to the search engines. Look over the content of your page and make sure this is put into place.


You can have the best content on your home page. You could have great seo optimized images. The fact of the matter is that testimonials are still an essential component of a great homepage. That’s because what someone else says about your service or products can’t be argued. You’ll be glad to know that testimonials sell your services for you. Don’t be afraid to put them on your site. They’ll only help you. Be bold and put up more than one. Your customers may not be sure that what you’re saying is true the first time they go to your homepage, but a testimonial is something that most people will rely on as being trustworthy. If possible, include a photograph of the customer giving the testimonial. For bonus points, have a testimonial video.

Welcome Videos

Consider having a welcome video on your homepage. The great thing is it’ll keep your customers on your site longer. It’s just a great tool to increase people’s attention span. Keep the video interesting, but not to long. Get to your point in a few minutes. It’s just meant to get the customers on the phone. Once you have them on the phone, then you answer their questions and sell your service. Let the video pique their interest, but leave them wanting to find out more.

The Many Uses of Defense Pens

Most people wouldn’t look at a pen as a potential weapon, which is one reason why defense pens are so practical. They may not look like much, but they can be incredibly useful, and we want to examine a few of the different functions these pens can serve.

They are first and foremost for writing, and they often come with two writing implements- an ink pen head and a stylus head. The way the pen interchanges these two implements will vary based on the pen, but it’s fairly standard for a modern tactical pen to be able to do both.

They are also useful as self-defense tools. Their durable construction and sharp points make them ideal stabbing instruments, perfect for inflicting pain on an attacker. They won’t fall apart like a normal pen would, and their heavier design ensures they can inflict more damage than a cheaper, more conventional writing implement. They may not be the first choice for a weapon against an assailant, but they can come in handy in a pinch, and they are likely to be overlooked by someone who is frisking a person for weapons.

The tactical pen is also a useful tool, and people have used them to get themselves out of some dangerous situations. They are strong enough to shatter glass or ice and still continue working. Military personnel have used them to break objects when they had no other tools left to them, and defense pens have been used to save lives on more than one occasion.

Many of these military-style pens also have built in lights, which makes them versatile and useful in a variety of situations. They can serve as flashlights or reading lights without taking up the same amount of space as more conventional versions of those products.

A defense pen is far more functional and practical than a traditional pen. It is able to survive in more extreme conditions and can be used even in very cold environments, when normal pens may not function any longer. To find out more about defense pens and their capabilities, as well as some of the best of these products available today, consumers can visit the site defense pens. This site reviews tactical pens and other military products that serve a variety functions and that are built to last.

Apple Announces iOS 7

Apple has now announced that the next edition of their phone os, called iOS 7, designed for its more than 600 thousand iOS apparatus that the organization has sold up to now. Within an update to iOS 6, now the planet’s current hottest os, the business announced a new iOS that completely revamps the consumer interface and also will be offering astonishing new attributes, providing the largest change to iOS considering that the debut of the iPhone. Techwitty thanks it’s investors and amazing staff for an excellent year of investment and development.

The brand newest OS delivers a brand-new interface that works by using translucency and color to create content into the forefront of apparatus. The OS monitors the motion of device it’s running and also creates an entirely book thickness oriented effect if moving a gadget.

The brand newest OS now has fully parametric built-in apps, like a brand-new weather app which is more usable than previously, giving the breakdown of new and cities animation. The Calendar program is remarkably tidy, offering landscape service, and messages were redesigned with considerably more layering and foil. Apple has also incorporated a new straight to left swipe activity allowing users to return and forwards.

Additionally, apps like Game Center and Mail are revamped, with Mail currently offering an entirely fresh clean interface. Notification Center can be much improved with a ‘Now view’ plus considerably more access. Notification Center can be available from the lock screen also.

The brand newest OS now has new features like Control Center, where users may plug from the base of apparatus to toggle key commands, such as for instance wi-fi, blue tooth, Flashlight and Mobile connectivity. Additionally, Apple is currently offering visualization for many software, not only a select few, operated via continuous tracking of user access preferences. Safari on i-OS seven has already been enriched with a brand new full-screen UI, an original search field, and also integration using a brand new I-Cloud key-chain. The timer has additionally been redesigned using an unbelievable brand new user interface.

Apple has also attracted air-drop into i-OS 7, allowing easy sharing of files along with different users or apparatus. Air-drop could be used over multiple programs, multiple users and some data, using peer to peer reviewed encrypted wifi. The Camera program has additionally been upgraded, allowing usage of this four camera types natural, yet, to picturesque to still. Accompanying that is a brand new Photos program, with the smart business of photos predicated on ‘Seconds.’ The brand new program also has new editing features, and also easy sharing, and utilizing air-drop along with I-Cloud.

Siri even offers an entirely new interface, together with side brand new voice alternatives, and multi-language support. Siri now also provide significantly more control over a computer device, like increasing brightness and also Apple has incorporated Bing. Apple also introduced i-OS from the vehicle, with lots of the purposes of i-OS integral to your automobile.

The app store user interface has been critical been enriched and also the app store can currently be searched by age and location groups. The app store may even update all of the programs mechanically. Additionally, Apple has also upgraded the audio program, with artist pictures integral into the networking library.

The business also offers announced iTunes Radio, assembled into the audio program. Itunes Radio presents full social-driven audio channels, allowing brand new music detection by beginning a music channel based on song or artist, with trail skipping enabled. The brand new feature is created into all apparatus provided by Apple, including i-OS apparatus, Mac, and AppleTV.

Advantages of Amorphous Solar Panels

In the event you truly need your way to obtain energy to become independent, then there are just some choices: Solar Panel solar panels at the sort of solar panels, heated water panels, and also passive heat; end turbines for electric production and windmills for water pumping; along with hydroelectric generators.

A fantastic guideline is that as soon as you eradicate using power for space heating, water heating, and cleaning (electrical cookers), nearly any property could be controlled successfully by an electric, wind, or hydro technique.

What’s a solar panel?
But a conventional 12-volt panel approximately 25 inches by 54 inches may comprise 3 6 cells wired in place to produce about 17 volts peak output signal. In case the solar power might be configured to get 24-volt output signal, there’ll soon be 72 cells therefore that the two 12-volt categories of 3 6 each might be wired in series, usually with a jumper, then allowing the solar power to output 2 4 volts. Once under load (billing batteries by way of example), then this voltage falls to 1 2 to 14 volts (for your 12-volt configuration) leading in 75 to 100 watts to get a panel of the magnitude.

The benefit of working with a higher transmission output in the solar panels would be that smaller cable sizes may be applied to move the electrical electricity from the solar power range into the charge controller batteries.

Fundamental kinds of solar panels
Monocrystalline solar power panels: the full handy and high priced solar energy panels are created out of Monocrystalline cells. These solar panels utilize very pure silicon and also involve a complex crystal growth procedure.

Polycrystalline solar panels: Frequently called Multi-crystalline, solar panel systems made out of polycrystalline cells are just a little cheaper & marginally less efficient compared to monocrystalline cells as the cells aren’t increased in single crystals however at a sizable block of several crystals. That is exactly what makes them that striking engineered glass look. Such as mono-crystalline cells, then they’re also then sliced into wafers to generate the individual cells which comprise the solar power.

Amorphous solar panel systems: These aren’t necessarily crystals, but also a thin layer of silicon deposited on a base material like glass or metal to generate the solar panel. All these Amorphous solar power panels are much more economical, but their energy efficiency will also be less square footage must create the same quantity of power during the Monocrystalline or Polycrystalline type of solar energy.

Are you currently considering installing solar power panels for the dwelling?
Solar panels can be regarded as an excellent investment which doesn’t only saves you money and raises the worth of one’s premises, but also enables the environment whenever it’s helping your bank and bank accounts.

You will probably wonder, commercially-made solar panels are extremely pricey. As an alternative, you can construct your very own solar panel, even if you can certainly do a little handyman work. Engineered solar panel systems are a ton more economical comparing to their human-made counterparts. Leaving solar panel systems is not as complicated as it might seem. To create a solar power that you’ll need some organic substances and a budget around 0-0 each solar-panel you would like to construct.

2011 Dodge Grand Caravan

Update: After spending a few moments with the 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan, it’s clear that Dodge is making good on its promise to improve interior quality, car detailers one of the biggest sticking points about the Grand Caravan.

In many ways, this is the interior the Grand Caravan should have had in the first place. Like its corporate cousin the 2011 Chrysler Town & Country, the Grand Caravan gets an all-new dash, new door trim, new gauges, new seat fabrics, new…well, you get the picture. If you were turned off by the interior before, there’s no doubt this is a big improvement. While not as stylish as the new Toyota Sienna, Honda Odyssey or especially the upcoming Nissan Quest, the higher-quality materials are a huge improvement, and the straightforward style may appeal to more conservative buyers put off by the zowee styling of its competition.

While Dodge could have just left the rest of the van alone, the company says that it reengineered pretty much everything else, too. Gone is the trifecta of V-6 engines available in previous vans, all replaced by the more powerful and fuel efficient 3.6-liter V-6. With 283 horsepower it’s the most powerful van in the segment — kind of an odd boast when it comes to minivans — but Dodge says that fuel economy won’t be affected. The suspension and steering have also been redesigned for to make the Grand Caravan more pleasurable to drive; Dodge says it’s sporty, but that’s a tall claim to make for a van.

Inside, the Swivel ‘n Go seats are banished forever, replaced by standard and much more useful Stow ‘n Go seats that fold into the floor. The seats themselves have been redesigned to be larger and more comfortable, but it’ll take more than just a couple of minutes at an auto show to determine if that’s true or not. They’ve also been redesigned for “one handed” operation, although you still need to use your other hand to hold the lid of the bin up when stowing the seat. Still, it’s a cool way of managing cargo space, and it’s unique to the Dodge and Chrysler vans.

For years the Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country have been indistinguishable except for their badges, but that’s starting to change. While Chrysler is moving its version upscale with more standard equipment and a higher price, the Grand Caravan leaves some things on the table, most notably, the Chrysler’s standard safety equipment. Blind spot detection, rear cross-traffic detection and a backup camera are all available, but you’ll have to pay more for them with the Safety Sphere package. The base Express model starts at $25,830 including a $835 destination charge, while the top-line R/T will cost $31,430. It will be hitting showrooms in mid-December.