The Many Uses of Defense Pens

Most people wouldn’t look at a pen as a potential weapon, which is one reason why defense pens are so practical. They may not look like much, but they can be incredibly useful, and we want to examine a few of the different functions these pens can serve.

They are first and foremost for writing, and they often come with two writing implements- an ink pen head and a stylus head. The way the pen interchanges these two implements will vary based on the pen, but it’s fairly standard for a modern tactical pen to be able to do both.

They are also useful as self-defense tools. Their durable construction and sharp points make them ideal stabbing instruments, perfect for inflicting pain on an attacker. They won’t fall apart like a normal pen would, and their heavier design ensures they can inflict more damage than a cheaper, more conventional writing implement. They may not be the first choice for a weapon against an assailant, but they can come in handy in a pinch, and they are likely to be overlooked by someone who is frisking a person for weapons.

The tactical pen is also a useful tool, and people have used them to get themselves out of some dangerous situations. They are strong enough to shatter glass or ice and still continue working. Military personnel have used them to break objects when they had no other tools left to them, and defense pens have been used to save lives on more than one occasion.

Many of these military-style pens also have built in lights, which makes them versatile and useful in a variety of situations. They can serve as flashlights or reading lights without taking up the same amount of space as more conventional versions of those products.

A defense pen is far more functional and practical than a traditional pen. It is able to survive in more extreme conditions and can be used even in very cold environments, when normal pens may not function any longer. To find out more about defense pens and their capabilities, as well as some of the best of these products available today, consumers can visit the site defense pens. This site reviews tactical pens and other military products that serve a variety functions and that are built to last.

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